Top 23+ Women in VR

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Women play a pivotal role in the world of immersive reality. Immersive reality consists of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Cross Reality (XR) and Mixed Reality (MR). We created a list of women who are using immersive reality to make a powerful impact in the world and culture through innovations in medical, gaming, art, ethics and more.

1. Anna Zhilyaeva

Twitter: @AnnaDreamBrush | Website:

Anna is an artist who uses Google Tilt Brush to create magnificent virtual artwork. She recently recreated the famous “Liberty Leading the People” at the Louvre in virtual reality. You can view some of her magnificent work on her website and also on her twitter account.


2. Eva Hoerth

Twitter: @downtohoerth

With the emergence of every new technology, there is often a question of ethics, and that’s what Eva does. Eva is an advocate for psychology in emerging technology. She is also part of the WXR Venture Fund, a venture capital firm that supports women-led VR startups.


3. Jessica Outlaw

Twitter: @theextendedmind

One thing we often forget when it comes to implementing new technology is the social aspect of it. Thankfully, that’s what Jessica specializes in. She founded The Extended Mind, a company which consults on using behavior analytics to improve the user experience. Her company recently published a study, conducted among 600 users, highlighting the harassment they face using virtual reality. Jessica is also the 2017 Oculus Launch Pad winner.


4. Amber Osborne

Twitter: @MissDestructo | Website:

Amber is the Chief Marketing Officer at Doghead Simulations; a virtual reality software company specializing in education. Her niche is in education and she shares tonnes of content on how VR in the classroom will change the way students learn.


5. Jennifer Dowding

Twitter: @JenniferDowding

Jennifer is the Senior Producer at Evasion, a multiplayer VR combat game that is set to be released on October 10th, 2018 on PS4 and on Steam. She posts the latest news in the world of VR gaming.


6. Malia Probst

Twitter: @TheMalia | Website:

Malia is the founding partner of VRScout, Co-Founder of WXRfund and hosts the Real Virtual Show. She posts regularly on twitter, has her own blog on Medium, and does podcasts as well. She is, without any doubt, one of the top influencers in the world of VR.


7. Cathy Hackl

Twitter: @CathyHackl

Cathy is deeply passionate about AR, VR, and XR. She talks about how AR and VR can be used as the new medium of communication for marketers. She has also done a number of talks about immersive technology. If you are interested in AR and VR and want to see how you can use it for marketing purposes, give her a follow.


8. Adriana Vecchioli

Twitter: @AdrianaVecc | Website:

Adriana is an artist, UX designer and a self-taught software engineer who has years of experience under her belt with immersive technology. She is the Co-Founder of Velvet Unicorn, which creates immersive experiences for people to access using their smartphones, such as NBA AR and MidNight Sky VR.


9. Dr. Helen Papagiannis

Twitter: @ARstories | Website:

Dr. Papagiannis is a major influencer in the AR world. She has done talks at places such as the Take Over Innovation Conference and Ted Talks. She also authored the prominent AR book called Augmented Human. If you want a deeper understanding of AR, give her a follow.


20. Helen Situ

Twitter: @HelenSitu

Helen has a strong knowledge of the immersive technology space. She has been previously involved with NextVR, and is currently the CEO of Moment XR. She is also involved with Virtual Reality POP, Age of Life, and SXSW Conference & Festivals.


21. Sarah Stumbo

Twitter: @sarahstumbo | Website:

Sarah is a software developer who works at Unity 3D’s Made with Unity Team, where she specializes in XR content creation. She is also a fan of art, games, and new realities.


22. Jennifer Scheurle

Twitter: @Gaohmee | Website:

Jennifer is an award-winning game designer with numerous titles under her belt. In 2017 she was named as one of the Top 30 Women in Games, and 30 Under 30 by the MCV. She used to work on the multi-award-winning Earthlight franchise: a spacewalk VR experience created through the collaboration with NASA and other space agencies.


23. Jenn Duong

Twitter: @jenndefer | Website:

Jenn is an immersive Director and Producer. She has directed and produced VR content ranging from short-form documentaries, to music experiences with artists like Banks. In 2015, Jenn co-founded Women in AR//VR to provide resources, opportunities, and collaboration for females in the immersive reality industry.


24. Lisa Padilla

Twitter: @lisapadilla | Website:

Lisa is the Chief Executive Officer at NewPathVR, a company that conducts psychological research on user experience in virtual reality. Lisa has over 20 years of marketing and advertising experience, which she is implementing in VR to improve the user experience.


25. Alexandra Etienne

Twitter: @AndraConnect

Alexandra is an AR/VR evangelist and an advocate for women in immersive reality. She is the Customer Success and Digital Marketing Manager at Lightform, a California based company that creates AR projectors. She posts videos, opinions on twitter, and attends conferences as a speaker for AR.


26. Amy Peck

Twitter: @VirtualGirlNY

Amy is the Founder and CEO of EndeavorVR, a consulting group that provides services to enterprises looking for immersive technology. She has years of experience working with advertising agencies, photographers, and directors. Her passion for VR began when she ran the Enterprise Division at Leap Motion. She is also an active member in the community, and is involved in groups such as the Women in Tech and Women in AR/VR.


27. Samantha Kingston

Twitter: @K_Samantha1

Samantha is the Founder and Client Director of Virtual Umbrella. Virtual Umbrella creates immersive marketing events for clients. One of the immersive experiences her company worked on is VR Safari. Knowing how much she loves dinosaurs, she may not be too far away from welcoming Dr. Allen Grant to the park.


28. Shauna Heller

Twitter: @HellerGeeksOut | Website:

Shauna has an extensive background in the world of immersive technology. Previously, she has been the Developer Relations Specialist for Oculus VR.  Later, she founded Clay Park VR which provides VR strategy and advisory services to corporations, institutions, brands, and developers. She is currently the President of North America at AiSolve Limited, which creates state of the art VR, IR (immersive reality), and mixed reality content for companies.


29. Stephanie Llamas

Twitter: @StephiNaners | Website:

Stephanie is the Head of Strategy and Research at Super Data, where she specializes in research methodology, consumer insights, and virtual and augmented reality. Her work has been presented at events such as CES, GDC, and SxSW and she has featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bloomberg, and CNBC.


30. Dr. Nadine Hachach-Haram

Twitter: DrNadz

Dr. Hachach-Haram is a major influencer in the healthcare industry and immersive technology. She has co-founded Proximie, which specializes in using AR in surgery. She has done a Ted Talk on How augmented reality could change the future of surgery, which we highly recommend.


31. Martina Welkhoff

Twitter: @welkhoff

Martina is the Founding Partner of the WXR Fund; a venture fund helping women-led startups in immersive technology. She is a serial entrepreneur, and is also the Venture Partner at Jump Canon, a company that focuses on underrepresented founders in emerging technology.


32. Samantha Wolfe

Twitter: @samanthagwolfe

Samantha is the author of Marketing New Realities, a book we featured in one of our earlier articles that covers how VR is going to open up new avenues for marketing. She is connected with other influencers in the space, and tweets frequently about immersive technology.


33. Abby Albright

Twitter: @abba7

Abby is the Founding Partner of the WXR Fund along with Martina Welkhoff and Malia Probst. Her recent work includes leading the AR section for Daqri. She is heavily involved in the world of immersive technology, emerging technology, and gender equality advocacy.


34. Morgan Mercer

Twitter: @TheMorganMercer

Morgan is a social entrepreneur who is using VR to improve the wellbeing of the humankind. She is the Chief Executive Officer of The Vantage Point, a Los Angeles based company that uses virtual reality to combat sexual violence and harassment at the workplace.

35. Sarah Hill

Twitter: @SarahMidMO

Sarah Hill is the CEO of StoryUP XR, a neuro-immersive media company that is responsible for creating AR and VR products to manage stress. Her company helped to create Healium, which helps users take advantage of AR and VR to cope with stress, anxiety and help them to meditate.


We will continue to add to this list as time passes. If there is anyone you feel we missed in the list above, please leave their name in the comments below!


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  1. Thanks so much for including me! Here’s my website too, if you want to link to it:

    Industry : Virtual Reality
  2. Hi, Kelly, I would like to recommend one woman in Taiwan, Cori Shieh
    Linked page –
    Fb page –

    Cori is the so called as the “God Mother” of Taiwan ARVR industry for years, she initialed the FIRST and the bigiest AR VR association as a industrial community – TAVAR, Taiwan AR VR association,

    led and group all the AR VR MR related leading enterprises including the HTC ASUS ACER NVIDIA AMD Compal …over 60+ most Influenced industries leaders from hardware industry, and over 90+ VR AR MR content develop n publishing companies and education institutes, forcing the Taiwan Government to put the ARVR as the most important Key investment started from last year.

    She also runing two fan page of the VR AR ,organised over 50+ events and forums of VR AR , like VR Hackzone,CEO day, Lan party,and give a speach over 40+ a years from Government to local school.

    She operating two AR VR incubators and startup base located at Taipei and Taoyuan, helping and grouping all the startups as a hub

    AN-DONG MR youth startup hub :
    DigiBLOCK Taipei*NK-R

    She is so talent and contribute all her efforts to support and influence people to pay attention on AR VR transforming the world, she is an angel of VR AR ,you never want to miss she.
    I am very proud to recommend her , she is my wife and angel

    Best , Faust

    Industry : Games
  3. Jacki Morie
    Nonny de la Pena
    Timoni West
    Resh Sidhu
    Christina Heller
    Jenna Seiden
    Marcie Jastrow
    Yelena Rachitsky
    There are soooo many great women in XR – I think we need a bigger list 😉

    Industry : Virtual Reality
  4. Luisa Valencia from Signal Space Lab. She is an incredible director innovating with a novel mechanic that allows seamless interactive live-action. Her next VRFilm will be released next year.

    Industry : Virtual Reality
  5. Great start!
    Nonny de la Pena
    Jazmin Cano
    Liv Erickson
    Suzanne Leibrick
    Cecile Eskenazi
    Timoni West
    Sophia Dominguez
    Allison Wood
    Many more…

    Industry : Virtual Reality

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